Conference Experience - LeSS in Munich 2019

So I am a beginner in using agile frameworks and came to Munich for LeSS Conference for one purpose only – to find out how to quickly and effectively and painlessly make use of the framework in my own context. Simple, right?

I knew there would be a lot of inspiration – and there was! Thank you all content givers! I knew there would be many interesting discussions about different implementations in details or specific problems on the way or discovering the mindset it is great to manifest – and there were! (Some discussions/presentations ended up standing because of hot topic) I expected many experienced, positive, I-know-why-I-came people to meet and to stay in touch afterwards and I wasn’t disappointed. Finally, I hoped for great food ;) and it was de-li-cious (though still… less is more).

I also have learned that silent high five actually works for big conference, that (piano) keyboard is not designed for one player only (and pattern „one keyboard – one screen – one developer” is only my heavy bias) and that bully hen was a great team player 6 generations earlier, so promoting good teams as a whole is far better than promoting individuals in the long run.

Open Space

Did I find answer to my initial question? Yes, quite quickly. There is no shortcut to success. The best thing I can do is to get training(s) and coach guidance. And take it with no guarantee. And then: experiment, fail, learn, experiment, learn, have something almost done, explain, fail, experiment, engage, learn, practice, come back for missed rules and principles, learn, gather data and measure, experiment, learn, do less… and once again.

This was my main learning. And I’m thankful for that. I have one year of learning ahead before the next Conference takes place. And I’m looking forward to having little success in our LeSS adoption. See you next year!

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