First Certified LeSS Practitioner course in Helsinki

Last week, I finished the first Certified LeSS Practitioner course in Helsinki, Finland. It went really well I think. A lot of my training material is in a new order than I’m used to so that caused me to be somewhat uncertain about timing and things like that. Also the participants were probably above average in LeSS knowledge as some of them I’ve been working with for years (whereas some were quite new).

The first day, we focused on the LeSS overview and the LeSS principles. We also did some causal loop diagramming. One team decided to use it to ‘proof’ that offshoring was a bad idea but the further they went the better it started to loop. It wasn’t what they were expecting making it quite amusing. We also looked at feature teams and component team structures.

The second day started with some reflection and we discussed a lot about what the products where that people were working on. Mostly what the advantages and disadvantages were at defining product at a certain level (and how that impacts management practices). The biggest thing for this group was probably the creation of Feature Team Adoption Maps which caused long discussions about what steps the selected products would need to go next in their LeSS adoption. We discussed the Product Owner in-depth and spend time looking at changes in management practics and organizational structures when adopting LeSS.

The last day started off with the LeSS events and a discussion on how to deal with really large backlog items (with the concept of Leading Teams). We stil dived a bit into engineering practices and moved on towards adoption of LeSS in your organization. I spend about an hour sharing two case studies of LeSS adoptions with the group and the last day ended with ScrumMaster discussions.

All in all, I felt the course went pretty well. It gave me a lot of feedback on further improvement, but the feedback from the group was very positive. I’m excited about it and looking forward to the next course, hopefully in Melbourne. If you are in Australia, don’t forget to register for the course

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