LeSS Huge at Nokia

LeSS And LeSS Huge have a long history with telecom products, from the first experiments that would form LeSS to the largest organisation that took up a LeSS Huge adoption. This will be a chance to get a glimpse of both.

In this session Bas will explain the LeSS and LeSS Huge background at Nokia. Tero Peltola, former VP LTE business line, continue by summarizing 8 years journey in adopting LeSS Huge in Nokia LTE base station development.

During the adoption the business grew from couple customer early pilot to multibillion dollar business with hundreds of customers and thousands of developers. The product development team transformed from very traditional product development to large scale agile development. There were several successes but also many issues that could have gone better.

The perspective of the presentation is business and R&D management view – giving insight on business reasoning on LeSS Huge adoption steps. The used approach was to balance investments between long term process improvements and short term product development. The presentation also utilizes lessons learnt view from a bigger team with different background giving wider perspective on the adaptation.

Helsinki, Финляндия
Amstelveen, Нидерланды