Winging It: LeSS Adoption in Agriculture Manufacturing

Join Angela Johnson as she shares her case study in helping an innovator in agriculture manufacturing deliver more with LeSS.  What can you expect at this session?

  • A fowl Scrum adoption start in a poultry manufacturing product
  • Things clucked into place with help from a LeSS Practioner course
  • No more cooped up component teams
  • Hear how a chick CLP helped feature teams soar

This case study focuses on a Less adoption for an innovative manufacturing company that deisgns and creates robotic solutions for the agriculture industry. You may have guessed from the Poultry Puns that yes, this initial adoption focused on a product that serves duck, turkey and chicken hatcheries around the world. Many LeSS practioners are well versed in what needs to be in place for a successful adoption. Although this is a success story that just keeps on delivering innovations and improvements, it didn't necessarily begin that way. Join Angela Johnson as she shares what's possible in manufacturing with LeSS if you're willing to cross the road.


Minneapolis, Minnesota, Соединённые штаты