A case study of the LeSS transformation at CACI (OSIRIS) will be presented. 

CACI bv is a hub of knowledge and experience of Higher Education. With over 75 employees, CACI is since many years active in this field in the Netherlands. Our product OSIRIS is the leading Student Information Systeem (SIS) for Higher and Middle Education in The Netherlands, used by over half of the higher education institutions and students in the Netherlands. CACI knows how OSIRIS works better than anyone. We make sure OSIRIS continues to run effectively so institutions can focus on their core activities.

Two years ago we started the transformation to Large Scale Scrum. Now, with our product OSIRIS and 5 Feature teams we are still improving our way of working every day. In these past two years we learned so much and we still do. We will share that with you, in particular; we will talk about building the LeSS structure in a mixed enviroment of new collegues and ones who have been around for 30 years while there was constant business pressure; new clients and new assignments.

Kropswolde, Нидерланды
Amsterdam, Нидерланды