"Bottom-Up LeSS Adaption" in SME-German Telco Company

This case study is about a company, where the LeSS adaption started bottom-up... A small revolution, started from the bottom… In this case study I would like to show you what is possible with the bottom-up approach and where, finally, the limits of what is possible are. Three years ago, I started a simple Scrum adoption with a portal team of a medium sized municipal telecommunication company, called M-net, consisting of 5 developers, a business analyst and a tester to test the Scrum methodology in the company. The first time a business B2C product owner (not a proxy PO!) of customer portal was appointed as a one Scrum team member and worked closely together with IT. Initial situation: Previously there was an old organization with a classic hierarchical structure and IT that was completely focused on the systems and not the products. Today there are 7 agile trained teams with an agile mindset that have been trained in LeSS. LeSS Adoption Process: This case study now spans 3 years, of which 1 year is One-Team LeSS, 1 year is what a Two-Teams LeSS, and 1 year is Three-Teams LeSS approach. I also did scrum adaptation in the system component teams, CRM, Billing, Workflow Engine, Scanview. The portals scrum team grew a lot in the first year to meet the requirements of business. From 8 to 16 DEV within one year. So, I asked the team to split in a self-design workshop

Sofia PelzlICF Professional Certified Coach, Certified LeSS (Large Scale Scrum) Practitioner® & LeSS-friendly Scrum trainer
Munich, Alemanha