Organizational Topologies: a roadmap towards a resilient and adaptive product development organization

Organizational Topologies as a roadmap towards a resilient and adaptive product development organization.

Many organizations struggle to adopt "agile" in a way that delivers on its promise to make the company fast, flexible and efficient. Global consultancy firms have great pitches on how to adopt different so-called “Agile frameworks”. The marketing is great, but are the results too? We see how our clients get stuck in adopting a framework - forming “agile teams”, appointing “product owners” and then clustering all this into “tribes”. Thus creating robust structures that make further organizational improvements and adaptability difficult, slow, and expensive.

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Key Outcome

In this session, the participants will receive a hands-on thinking tool - Adaptivity Map, that allows participants to design a tailored, long-lasting roadmap to grow their organization's adaptivity towards perfection.

We believe that every organization needs to discover its own Agile adoption goal, and then lay down a path to it. Agility is vital for any organization that doesn’t want just to adopt the Agile terminology but start changing itself, its core, and its way of thinking and operating.

With our thinking tool, the Adaptivity Map, we have discovered different topologies of organizational design. The org topologies are created in the context of a perfection goal of full adaptivity. By doing this, we discovered the organizational changes and paradigm shifts required to move from one type to another. 

This session

In this session, we propose a context-driven approach to find the level of adaptivity that fits in your organization. You will learn a new way of looking at organizational transformation towards high adaptivity. We will offer a realistic palette of corporate transformation strategies using archetypical organization topologies. 

Decision-makers attending this session will get familiar with this model and will be able to evaluate their ongoing Agile adoption (if any). They will be able to see their next horizon, and understand what options are available and what difficulties need to be overcome. Attendees will be able to assess their Agile transformation roadmap.

Participants of this session will learn:

  • Understand how Agile adoptions are a journey and the adoption of any scaling framework is not an end-state.

  • Understand the prevalent org topologies (archetypes of Agile organization design) and what a starting point of minimal agility is.

  • Identify which org topology matches their current Agile adoption.

  • Learn how to navigate Agile transformations using the Adaptivity Map to improve the Agile adoption journey.

  • Learn to see the organizational changes and paradigm shifts that are required to navigate towards a more adaptive organization.


Alexey KrivitskyCertified LeSS Coach, Certified Scrum Trainer, Creator of Org Topologies™
Münich, Germany
Adaptivity, Inc