People and organizations - a coupled problem

2020 I did a talk called "all organizations are rational until you put people in" Once could say I probed into the hypothesis that people and their neuroscientific behavior is the first principle of what then emerges. 2021 Bas did a brilliant talk about how ~technical practices might actually be social skill building. This spotlights how a first principle of organizational behavior and it's evolvement is a duality. "The mindset of the people creates the structures that creates the mindsets. Or the structures of the organization creates the mindsets that evolves the structures. " What opportunities emerges if we probe deeply in to understanding organizational development as a coupled problem this way? Can we emerge new strategies to ease the pain of agile transformations (Aka LeSS adoptions) by viewing the world this way?

Magnus VestinAgile Coach, Scrum Master
Skellefteå, Suécia