LeSS adoption in Jago: or why it makes business sense to accelerate adoption to almost the whole organisation in little more than a year time

Dkatalis is the product development arm who created Jago digital bank, one of the leading Digital Bank in Indonesia. Launched in 2021, we now have 5 million active customers, amongst the few digital bank who are already profitable, and also one of the largest in the country by market cap. We started our LeSS adoption in March 2022 in 1 product area of 40+ people, in 1 year time we expand the adoption to almost the whole organisation (we flip additional 5 product areas, totalling more than 200 people). In our talk we will explore why it makes business sense for us to accelerate the adoption to the whole organisation (against the recommendation of LeSS to do the adoption one requirement area at a time), what are the specific factors and conditions that enables the rapid adoption, the risks and challenges we see going forward, and why we advise against other organisation following our footsteps to rapidly adopt agile at scale.

Rizki YogaswaraAgile Buddy at DKatalis
Jakarta, Indonesia
Alex TitlyanovChief Engineering Officer
Singapore, Singapore