Anti-Agile Tetris - How To Make Systemic Change

At organizations, we are sometimes too busy to think or we feel helpless. Changes in larger multi-team setups seem to be slow and we are observing that not bringing much value yet we believe the next attempt will be different. It doesn’t have to be dismal as described here. Organizations can be perceived as systems. Sometimes despite our efforts the system pushes back our attempts or bounces back after a while to the status quo. In this highly interactive workshop, we are going to address the systemic changes. Collaboratively, we can experience improvements that will change the system.


  • Experience the highly engaging simulation of the delivery process
  • Get a systemic perspective on the change
  • Get familiar with tools for understanding the system
  • Practice the change in a collaborative way
  • Transfer the experience to your organizational context

Warning! The game is designed to simulate a specific artificial environment any similarity to actual persons, projects, products, living or dead, is purely coincidental

Session Outline

  1. Intro to the workshop
  2. Icebreaker  
  3. Team building game
  4. Anti-Agile Tetris simulation
  5. System Retrospective at every simulation introducing the tools for the change
  6. Apply the change in interactions
  7. Debrief
  8. Transfer experience and tools to the practice of participants
Jakub PerlakAgile & Design Thinking Coach
Krakow, Польща