The people side of a LeSS adoption

Experimenting with a new People Manager role in a LeSS adoption

In Wärtsilä DPD we have adopted LeSS around 2 year ago. For the past 1.5 years we have experimented with a new People Manager role who is the (corporate) line manager for the developers. Currently we have two People Managers in Netherlands and Finland who would be the presenters of this talk in the conference and the aim is to share our knowledge and experiences to the audience. A year ago we have moved to LeSS Huge and really started to focus on broadening of skills, co-location (post pandemic), how to treat internal/external developers, how to set (corporate demanded) department targets and several other people focused topics. The People Managers do not have technical background so we are also experimenting how to bring technical expertise into the line organization set-up with "Line team" experiment as well as a new role of Technical Mentors.

Marie Gästrin-AarvalaSenior People Manager
Helsinki, Фінляндія
Emily HogenboomSr. People Manager
Drunen, Нідерланди