Leading Effective Teamwork

This event has been cancelled.


Description :

Learn to create the enabling organizational context, and to lead the group dynamics in a variety of organizational situations, where you need to work together with a network of people:

  • Teams - both well-performing and struggling ones
  • Communities of Practice (or any support organization)
  • Coaching community
  • Scrum of Scrums
  • Workshops
  • Product Owner's network
  • Line management
  • Projects and programs

This training gives a comprehensive demystified understanding of teamwork. Even when the peak performance happens with stable small teams, the learnings are widely applicable. A perfect companion for the Certified LeSS Practitioner training.

There is a strong emphasis on the enabling organizational context because it creates most of the success. Understanding group dynamics will significantly help to navigate through difficult times. And failing group dynamics may ruin it all.

We go much deeper than the mainstream Tuckman's *orming model. We learn the typical group dynamics patterns during the team life-cycle. It gives advice for practical actions, and tools for analyzing dysfunctional teams. Knowing the theory helps to lead remote teams where direct observation is not available.

Who is it for

  • Leaders and influential team members, who support Teamwork in their organizations.
  • Scrum Masters and coaches, who train and coach Teamwork.
  • Executives, managers, and experts, who want to create an organizational design optimized for Teamwork.

Agenda :

Day 1: Organizational enablers for Teamwork

  • Teamwork in a nutshell
  • Interaction in Teamwork: Coaching Dialogue, Feedback, Nonviolent communication
  • Hackman's six conditions for Teamwork: Real team, Compelling purpose, Right people, Clear norms of conduct, Supportive organizational context, and Team‐focused coaching
  • Analyze one's own organization
  • Organizational culture and norms
  • Create the enabling organizational conditions - and transform your organization

Day 2: Group dynamics

  • Group dynamics demystified
  • Leadership and group dynamics in team development: Dependency, Adolescence, Cohesion, Mature team, Ending
  • Practical techniques, especially how to support a new team
  • Dysfunctional teams: Happy family, depressed team, narcissistic disturbances, Groupthink
  • Conflict resolution exercise
  • How to use the learnings as a leader, team member, or coach

The training is based on experiential learning, practicing techniques, and analyzing experiences. We will reflect when possible – the trainer's actions may be questioned at any time, and the training group sometimes acts as its own case study.

This is a perfect companion for the Certified LeSS Practitioner training. The blog article Effective Teamwork in practice explains some of the content.

Details :

Max 12 participants.

Price: 1,500 €

Early Bird Price: 1,200 € (End Date: 2021-08-31)