LeSS & Learn: Deepen Knowledge and Share Experiences

Floraweg 25 Utrecht
Carlton Hotel

Description :

You are in a LeSS adoption or gradually moving in that direction. You have had your CLP or CLE a while ago already. You are not discouraged yet and want to move on. Share your experience, deepen your knowledge, learn some new LeSS topics that are most relevant now. This event will give you that opportunity; an opportunity to deepen knowledge, explore the well known and less well known LeSS experiments.

This 2-day LeSS & Learn event is an in-depth journey connecting experiences of LeSS practitioners with sound theory and principles by highly skilled Certified LeSS Trainers. The event will be a collective mentoring session where we deepen LeSS knowledge and generate a lasting impact.

Training Impression

References & Case studies

Want to learn more about how companies have implemented LeSS? I have worked with many companies around the world. Below some case studies and articles I wrote.

Case Study LeSS at ING

Case Study Thales 

White paper Scale Your Product NOT your Scrum.

White Paper Why ins't your current approach to scaling working?

More case studies can be found at the AgiliX Case Studies page.

Who should Attend

The Certified LeSS Practitioner course is for anyone who is involved a large agile adoption. Basic Scrum knowledge is expected.


Certified LeSS Practitioner

I am so happy I decided to participate in this training!. Cesario is a rare to find Agile Genius. I got tons of value by responding a lot of my old questions. I.e. What are the musts in order to facilitate a successful Agile adoption?

I liked that the training is not based in prescribing roles and structures but mostly on changing the way we understand and think about complex systems. Some of the concepts explained like i.e. system thinking transform the way I understand big scale software development forever.

Diego Callizo - Independent Agile Coach

Certified LeSS Practitioner

Perfect LeSS training in 3 days and compliments for Cesario Ramos for all the inspiration and answers!

Johan Janssen - KPN

Certified LeSS Practitioner

Inspirational, eye opener. A course I can recommend to everybody working on the transition towards agile working or working within an agile environment.

Brigitte Thie - Delta Lloyd

Certified LeSS Practitioner

This is a very complete course. During three days, you will learn all aspects that lay at the basis of LeSS and you will also learn to apply that knowledge to be able to grow your organization with the LeSS framework. The course I followed was given by Cesario Ramos. Cesario is a very knowledgeable  story teller and a lively trainer. The training is jam packed with practical tips, tricks, anecdotes, and lots of validated knowledge.

I strongly recommend to get your training at Agilix.

Roland Flemn - Backbase

Certified LeSS Practitioner

Very usefull and hands-on training; a lot of best practices and many tips and tricks from the real world where discussed by an enthousiastic trainer (Cesario). I feel that I can use LeSS right away in my assignment.

Wout Jansen - Ponthos

Certified LeSS Practitioner

I wanted to thank you again for an inspiring course. It was three long days with a lot of good practices. Loved the discussions and the contribution from Cesario’s experience. I learned that scaling up Scrum is made possible through the LeSS (Huge) Framework without losing the Scrum principles. For me there where a few great eye-openers. Going to use it that's for sure.

Thanks Cesario for a great time.

Remi Kok - infosupport.nl

LeSS Introduction Training

Thank you very much for the interesting course. I enjoyed it. It was engaging, fast paced (which I like!), and thought-provoking.

Peter Geiser - AXA

Agenda :

Course Content

Common topics that are addressed during this event:

  • Deeper insight in LeSS principles, like Lean Thinking
  • Scrum Masters, how to educate them?
  • Organizing coaching
  • Coaching the Product Owner
  • Tips for running communities
  • Technical practices at scale, how they work and why they are important?
  • Understanding and dealing with politics
  • Pain and Fear in a LeSS transformation
  • What to expect when starting a second LeSS area?
  • Designing for perfection and working with perceived constraints
    • Performance management
    • Contracting with vendors/suppliers
    • Dependencies with external parts (internal/external)
    • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Reducing/Removing Queues over Managing Queues
  • Supporting people in their single-specialization to multi-specialization journey
  • LeSS Metrics

Details :


You can register for this training with the register button or by sending an email to info@agilix.nl.

After Course Completion

All participants will have their Certified LeSS Practitioner and/or Certified LeSS for Executives certificates renewed and will extend their account on less.works for two years. Here they can find additional information about LeSS, share course information, and stay in contact with other participants of the event.


Certified LeSS Practitioner and/or Certified LeSS for Executives renewal for another 2 year

Price: 1,595 EUR

Early Bird Price: 1,395 EUR (End Date: 2020-09-01)