LeSS & Learn: Deepen Knowledge and Share Experiences

This event has been cancelled.

39 Rue Madeleine Michelis

Description :

LeSS and Learn is a new 2 day workshop-style course, exclusively for already certified LeSS practitioners and executives, to deepen LeSS knowledge and mastery.


The workshop is designed to refresh and to share knowledge amongst a diverse and experienced group, guided by Greg Hutchings, expert LeSS coach and trainer, who has deep experience in multiple domains of innovative product development.



The format is intended to be highly interactive, with active participation and sharing by all participants.   Come help co-create a highly impactful and immersive learning experience!

Agenda :

The agenda will be set by the participants, in advance and during the workshop.   As trainer, I will act as a guide and mentor towards deeper knowledge and experience.  We'll together set priorities for topics and time box focus on those most important to the group.


Common topics that are addressed during this event:

  • Deeper insight in LeSS principles, like Lean Thinking, Systems Thinking and Customer Centricism. 
  • Coaching and developing Scrum Masters and internal agile coaches
  • Coaching the Product Owner and management stakeholders to get more from LeSS
  • Tips for running healthy, vibrant communities of practice
  • Improving inner and intra team work, energy and morale
  • Technical practices at scale, how they work and why they are important?
  • Understanding and dealing with politics
  • Emotions in a LeSS tranformation - e.g. Hope, Joy, Pain, Fear, Belonging, Satisfaction, Pride...
  • Designing for perfection and working with perceived constraints
    • Performance management
    • Agile contracting with vendors/suppliers
    • Dependencies with external parts (internal/external)
    • Budgeting and forecasting
    • Roadmapping and release planning
  • Reducing/Removing Queues over Managing Queues
  • Supporting people in their single-specialization to multi-specialization journey, while retaining pride in mastery
  • Decision making in autonomous, self-directed and less or non-hierarchical groups
  • LeSS Metrics - more with LeSS

Examples of topics brought by participants:

  • My organization is still not moving forward towards LeSS, what steps should I take?
  • How can I convince…
  • The teams are not working according to the Definition of Done, what to do?
  • How to get real customers in the Sprint Review?
  • Can I visit a LeSS adoption?
  • I’d like to share what we did
  • Could you cover topic X again?

Details :

All participants will have their Certified LeSS Practitioner and/or Certified LeSS for Executives certificates renewed for two years, also extending their account on less.works. Here they can find additional information about LeSS, share course information, and stay in contact with other participants of the event.


We will plan an optional evening event on the first night, dinner and drinks are included in your enrollment! 



Price: 1.500 Euro

Early Bird Price: 1.250 Euro (End Date: 2020-09-04)