Personal Profile

John Colemanagility chef
London, Royaume-Uni

John Coleman is a Professional Scrum Trainer, a LeSS Friendly Scrum Trainer, a Leadership Masterclass trainer, a Product Ownership for agility trainer, and Europe’s most prominent Scrum+Kanban trainer.

John Coleman likes to help organizations to ACe their agility transformations. ACe is John’s new brand for developing agility chefs, in effect helping the new kids on the block to not have to take twenty years to attain wisdom for the growth of agility. John helps to develop new agility change chefs, budding experts in both agility and transformation, two separate bodies of knowledge. John helps to reinvigorate in flight transformations and helps to start new ones. 

John works at all levels, with teams, with programs & products/services, values streams and exec level. Without walking the gemba of value creation and value consumption, John’s organizational transformation work would lack punch and credibility at various levels. John is a systems thinker, and most importantly, John takes an independent view. But John is also a people thinker; he specializes in Spiral Dynamics Integral, Viral Change & other models.

John's Scrum+Kanban case studies can be found on (international payments company, European bank).