Personal Profile

Matthias BoehmertVP, Head of IT Web&Digital Services
Walldorf, Allemagne
Web Site:

Matthias joined SAP nearly 20 years ago and nearly half that time has been spent in SAP’s IT Services area heading up some of the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies to be implemented there.


Before joining IT he worked for SAP Consulting on various projects for major SAP customers. After that he was instrumental in merging Java based technology and the agile methodology into the SAP landscape.


One of his key strengths is  remaining focused on the bigger picture while enabling others to ensure the step-by-step progress is made but at the same time remaining flexible as new opportunities present themselves.


SAP programs and initiatives currently under his area of responsibility include:


SAP Stores(s), SAP Community, Corporates Sites (e.g., SAP’s Intranet Applications, SAP Universal ID and much much more


A common phrase you will hear him say is “why are we doing this?” which is paraphrase of “what is the added value here?” to trigger a reality-check moment that ensures that the results really do have an impact on the project.