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Gene Gendel is Agile Coach, Trainer and Organizational Design Agent. He is a proud member of a very small group, of about 92 people) of Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coaches (CEC).   Gene is proud to be the only coach (as of this moment) in NY State that owns this top-level SA credential.  He is also Certified in Agile Leadership (CAL), in Large Scale Scrum (CLP-LeSS), and Scrum @ Scale (S@S) – something that signifies Gene's deep views on organizational / system design.  (His PMP certification is also active).

Gene's focus is on helping organizations and teams with improving system design and organizational structure and overall efficiency.  Gene engages at all organizational levels: senior leadership, mid-level management, teams and individuals.  To be effective as a coach, Gene uses various coaching tools and techniques, based on circumstances, while also leveraging elements of training and mentoring, to supplement his coaching.

Gene have successfully served small, mid-size and large companies. He has traveled to various parts of the world, while delivering agile training and coaching for his clients and employers.

Gene is an active member of local agile community (NYC), where he is known as a big proponent of community-wide, cost effective agile education. He delivers such education “to crowds” via personal presentations, organizing open-space agile collaboration workshops and retreats, group meetings and other community activities. Gene strongly emphasizes the importance and abide to ‘ethics of agile coaching’.

He strongly supports Scrum Alliance (SA) in its efforts of “transforming the world of work”.   He is an active member of SA working group of coaches and trainers that has been involved in improving SA certification programs, by aligning them with natural career paths of agile professionals: Team Level Coaching Certifications (CTC) (Gene is one of co-creators of the program) and Enterprise Level Coaching Certifications (CEC)

Here is the list of Gene's main focus areas: 

 My professional certifications are: 

  • Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC)
  • Certified LeSS Parctitioner (CLP) & LeSS-Friendly Scrum Trainer
  • Certified Agile Leadership (CAL)
  • Certified Scrum Professional (CSP)
  • Certified Scrum Master (SCM)
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)
  • Certified Project Manager (PMP)

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