The LeSS Conference will have two types of sponsors:

  • Normal sponsors
    Companies who would like to contribute and sponsor the conference
  • Organizing sponsors
    Companies of the organizing committee, who are sponsoring their time to organize this conference

Normal Sponsors

None yet.

Organizing Sponsors

Want to Sponsor?

The conference is looking for sponsors with interest to helping this conference. As a sponsor, you’ll get:

  • 2 tickets to the conference
  • Your name and logo on the site
  • Thanks from the LeSS Community for helping out!

As sponsor, you won’t be able to have a booth (as we won’t have any), newsletter (as we don’t want to spam), or influence in the agenda or speakers. We’d like to make these decisions purely from the perspective of making the best conference without being influenced by sponsors. We keep the right to refuse sponsors of which we feel their values and interest aren’t aligned with supporting LeSS.

Sponsorship costs 2500 EUR.