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Where to stay?

Obviously, it’ll be up to you. Some would prefer airb4b, some might stay at friends, and some old-fashioned people (like most of us) will stay in a hotel. Out of concideration for the other conference participants, we do recommend to stay in a place with a shower, especially as otherwise you might find yourself leftover in the self-designing team workshop (or as a member of team ‘stinky’)

Any recommendations?

That said, we would give two recommendations to stay. Not because we recommend these places (although Bas did stay in the PremierInn before) but because having most conference participants in the same place will facilitate social meetings…

So, the two hotels we’ve selected:

St. Pancras Renaissance

Wouldn’t you want to be in an really old building right next to the train station. Yeah? Well, this is your chance. That said, it is a really beautiful building.

For more info, checkout their website


You don’t fancy a fancy old building, but just want a bed. PremierInn will do then. It is right opposite to the previous hotel anyway.

For more info, chekcout their website

And.. how to get to the conference.

The conference building is just two stops away with the train. Of course, you can walk, which would take you about 45 minutes if you walk at google speed.