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LeSS Conference London

We’re super excited about this second LeSS Conference!

Things you can expect from the LeSS Conference:

  • We experiment with the second iteration of team-based conferences. All people are encouraged to share their experience within their teams and to produce a showable conference experience to share with everyone!
  • Four tracks with sessions:
    • Experiments - Practical things to try out and potentially improve your LeSS adoption.
    • Experience - People in LeSS adoptions or related experiences sharing them to the larger group.
    • Games - Several people have created games to learn aspects of LeSS. Join these.
    • Training Snippets - LeSS trainers will do a part of their course and would like feedback from people on that course snippet
  • Whole conference Open Space
  • Mingle with the LeSS creators, trainers and practitioners

Hope to see you there!