LeSS Conference New York, 13~14 September 2018

We’re super excited about this third LeSS Conference!

It is fashion week in New York and the LeSS Conference is probably the most fashionable thing you can do… Things you can expect from the LeSS Conference:

  • Five session tracks:
    • Experience - Experience reports by people in LeSS adoptions
    • Experiments - Practices to improve your LeSS adoption
    • Games - Games to learn about LeSS
    • Training Snippets - Snippets of LeSS Training and reflection on them
    • Open Space
  • The third iteration of the team-based conference.
  • Mingle with the LeSS creators, trainers and practitioners

Hope to see you there!


General ticket price - 1250 USD
Discounted price for Certified LeSS Practitioners - 950 USD


September 2018



Angel Orensanz Foundation
172 Norfolk Street, New York, NY 10002