Venue map

The venue is located at:

Hochstr. 77

81541 München

We are running with a four room setup (plus the unofficial beer garden
as a space):

  • Drinking Hall
  • Aquarium
  • Mystery
  • Kaminzimmer

See the map for yourself:

Breakfast and Lunch

Coffee break in the morning:

  • homemade crunchy muesli with Berchtesgadener yoghurt
  • Fresh mini-croissants natural and filled
  • lye chestnuts with O’gmachtem
  • fruit basket


  • Mixed salad bowl with young gardener’s leaf salads, fresh vegetables, croutons, tomato dressing and vinaigrette
  • Böfflamotte from the shoulder of beef on strong sauce with potato gratin and glazed vegetables
  • Pasta with tomato-olive-sugo, mozzarella and basil coffee break in the evening:
  • Fruit crumble cake
  • fruit skewers of the season
  • Mini- Flammkuchen