How to Start Strong as an Agile Coach - How to have a kick-ass first day

It's the morning of your first day as an agile coach with a new organisation. You wish you felt excited, but instead, you feel pretty terrified. Despite your best attempts, you did not sleep well last night, and now with bags under your eyes and a knot in your stomach, you have to put on your best game face and demonstrate how valuable you are with a group of people who, probably, are friends you have not met yet (aka strangers). You find yourself wishing you knew what those first actions you should take as an agile coach so that you don't ever have to feel like this again.

We have all been there. It's not fun. Actually, it's horrifying. You will be pleased to know it is also avoidable. No one deserves to have their demons get in the way of a kick-ass first day.

So how do we make this less pant-filling? How do we set ourselves up so that we sleep soundly and arrive (physically or virtually) fresh and ready to perform?

In this live stream, you will get

  • Strategies for how to prepare for that BIG first day
  • Behavioural guidance for how to make the right impact
  • Self-management tips, tools and techniques for the first day itself

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