Overcoming prerequisites for LeSS

In this interactive MeetUp we will dive into prerequisites to adopt Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) or any other multi-team single product organization. You will discuss these prerequisites, we will share our experiences with them with you. After identifying these prerequisites, we will dive deeper into overcoming them do be able to adopt LeSS. First interactive, then we will share some experiences with it. Outcome for participants should be to have learnings how to be able to move forward in your product organization and hopefully your first steps to adopt LeSS.

Georgiy Zhytar (Y Soft):
Over my career I enjoyed various roles of a software developer, team lead, president of a Toastmasters club, program manager, engineering leader, independent consultant and coach. I believe that motivated people, healthy culture and hard work make great products and companies. I enjoy sharing my experience and helping businesses accelerate growth and productivity by adopting modern leadership and agile engineering practices.

Currently my main focus is coaching R&D teams and people across organization to deliver Y Soft’s flagship product - YSoft SafeQ. Designed as a software platform, YSoft SafeQ is an enterprise workflow solution that offers print management, document capture and 3D print management. Over 20,000 customers in 120 countries trusts us to support their business (we cover 42% of Fortune Global 500).

Tip: when meet me in person, let’s also talk about CrossFit, education, reinventing organizations, parenting or stoic philosophy.

Mark Uijen de Kleijn (Co-Learning):
Experience with (multi-team) Agile adoptions big organizations. From leading a transition - as a manager - to 17 cross-functional and cross-component teams on one platform to adopting multi-team product frameworks in multiple organizations, as a consultant and/or Scrum Master. Hands-on and pragmatic, because each situation and organization needs a different approach fitting their needs. As a LeSS Candidate Trainer, mostly focusing on adopting LeSS, currently mainly at Y Soft.

Working with Co-Learning to help organizations create great products with great teams. We believe that continuous learning is the foundation for any move forward in product organizations. This is why we always try to 'uncover better ways' to improve and move forward, focused on the needs and situation of each organization.

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