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Certified LeSS Coaches

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Certified LeSS Coaches are certified through their Certified Coaching Company

The current Certified LeSS Coaches are:

Nils BernertMunich, ГерманияValtech GmbH
Benjamin BrachertMunich, ГерманияValtech GmbH
Craig LarmanVancouver, КанадаCraig Larman LeSS Coaching
Stanly LauSingapore, СингапурOdd-e
Michael MaiMunich, ГерманияValtech GmbH
Emerson MillsBend, Oregon, Соединённые штатыOdd-e
Markus TeczaMunich, ГерманияValtech GmbH
Terry YinSingapore, СингапурOdd-e
Erwin YükselgilMunich, ГерманияValtech GmbH

Check this page if you want to know what it means to be a Certified LeSS Coach and how to become one.