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LeSS Supporting Courses

Besides the certified LeSS courses, there are supporting courses for learning more about LeSS given by Certified LeSS Coaches. For example, there are courses that cover the necessary and supporting technical practices.

Upcoming courses

Course Date Length Location Instructor/s
LeSS in Action: Scrum Developer 2020-04-20 5 day Munich, Германия Terry Yin
LeSS in Action: Scrum Developer 2020-05-11 5 day Singapore, Сингапур Terry Yin
LeSS in Action: Developer Practices 2020-06-22 5 day Jersey City, Соединённые штаты Terry Yin, Ahmad Fahmy
Advanced Object Design with Patterns & Agile Modeling 2020-10-12 4 day Milan, Италия Craig Larman