Large group Product Backlog Refinement in LeSS & LeSS Huge

This workshop is based on current experiences with Backlog Refinements with multiple teams in Requirement Areas (LeSS Huge).

It will cover some TRY & AVOID on:

  • Cross-Area PBR
  • Overall-, Multi-team- and (team-level) PBR
  • Using a 2-level Product Backlog Structure in LeSS Huge
  • Product Backlog Items for Learning
  • “Dependencies”, cross-team and cross-area (and slicing Areas)
  • Splitting big items and slicing customer-centric end-to-end features
  • Items vs. User Stories
  • Ready vs. Definition of Ready
  • And large-group facilitation and how to organize these refinement with many teams, stakeholders & customer

Methods we want try out in the workshops:

  • Impact Mapping
  • Cell-based splitting
  • Multi-Team PBR
  • Using examples (from “Specification By Examples”)
  • Take-a-bite (end-to-end with the “Hamburger”)

Learning Objectives:

  • Experiments to try and what to avoid in PBR in LeSS & LeSS Huge
  • Practical tips how to do Multi-Team PBR
  • Methods to get to “ready” customer-centric items

Munich, Germany
Coaching Company: Valtech GmbH