Lessons Learned From 3 LeSS Adoptions

This year I've been involved in three LeSS Adoptions. "All the mistakes are now waiting for you" - they warned me before the first adoption in MTS Kassa and that turned to be true. I will tell you the war stories and share lots of my own Try... and Avoid... experiments. My talk will be focused on epic fails mostly, and what I have learned from them.

I'll present a short overview of the 3 LeSS Adoptions I've been part of and then share my Try...Avoid... experiments. The final part of the talk will be Never... experiments :)

Learning Objectives:

  • Using Kanban with LeSS and how LeSS could be a part of the bigger Value-Stream managed by Kanban.
  • Technical Debt and adding Teams
  • DoD and organizational agility
  • Visual management
  • Multi-Team PBR
  • Principles of Adoption
  • The Product Owner role

Moscow, Russian Federation