LeSS Adoption in MTS Kassa (Russia)

This will be a presentation of the first LeSS Adoption Case in Russia. LeSS Adoption in product development was part of the wider organisational transformation initiative supported by Enterprise Scrum. Moving from functional silos and component teams, lots of coordination roles to flat customer-centric structure and finally flipping in 3 months time. And happily living ever after :)). In our LeSS Case we've been able to implement a few radical and unusual approaches, for instance,  salary formula created by the initiative group of product developers for other developers. We shall also discuss how to use Kanban with LeSS and how LeSS could be a part of the bigger Value-Stream managed by Kanban method.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to get organisational support needed for radical changes in organisation
  • How LeSS can be an important part of the wider organisational transformation
  • How to use Kanban with LeSS product group (called LeSSban)
  • How Enterprise Scrum and LeSS fit together.


Moscow, Russian Federation