Building Agile Structures

Agile companies quickly react to changing environments and adapt to emerging business priorities. To do so we need to design processes, infrastructure, communication channels, decision-making capabilities and structures. Our session will let you understand and feel the consequences first-hand of different organizational designs by playing with Lego!

You will join others in a simulation of a large company delivering Lego buildings. We will see how three different company structures impact communication, collaboration, throughput and time to market. You will leave the session with a better understanding of where your current problems come from and what to do about them.

Learning Objectives:
Join this session to:

  • Experience consequences of building an organization around (1) functional teams, (2) cross-functional teams consisting of single-role specialist and (3) cross-functional teams of multi-skilled people.
  • See how fast and effective they are in delivering value.
  • Understand how building company structures around component versus feature teams impact communication and coordination.
  • Reflect on what are the consequences of different company structures and what you can do about it when you’re back to the office after the LeSS Conference.