LeSS adoption in Raiffeisenbank (Russia)

The presentation will be about our experience of using the LeSS framework for the organizational transformation in one of the biggest private owned banks in Russia.

Having all retail products and channels set up as Scrum component teams our biggest problem was the dependencies between teams, which significantly slowed down delivery and did not allow real autonomy. We decided to use LeSS and first transformed digital SME (small and medium enterprises) into a LeSS organization in various LeSS flips and are currently working on further flips in Retail area.

The key challenge we faced, when we started to use the LeSS framework, was how to simplify our current organizational structure into a LeSS organization. We had to discover how to best handle the  role of “head of product group”, hiring and placement PO/SM, need and set up of platforms and services, experts outside feature teams, budgeting, HR processes and many more took us lots of time and effort, but was essential to create a future vision of our LeSS organization.

Learning objectives:

  • How to redesign an organizational structure based on LeSS principles
  • How to create real empowered customer focused LeSS teams without experts outside feature teams
  • How to change Product owners from managers to customer driven team members
Moscow, Russian Federation