What is our Product?

The first step for large enterprises transitioning toward a product-aligned operating model is to get shared agreement on this simple yet challenging question: "What is our product?" This session will share techniques we have - and are - using to scale lean/agile product development in a large organization.  

One of the biggest strengths—and concurrent challenges—for scaling product development with LeSS is defining what the “product” is. LeSS encourages product development teams to take as wide a view as possible and to use a customer-focused definition.


So, how do you define what your product is? And, how do you define your product in a manner that is collaborative, engaging, and sticky? Based on ongoing work inside a very large global technology infrastructure organization, we share techniques we have and are using to answer this essential question: “What is our Product?”

In this session, Andy and Ellen share techniques for enabling product development leaders and communities to define their product using an “outside-in”, customer-focused perspective -  and do so with a product management mindset. They also share “meta” learning points about using these techniques in facilitated sessions in ways that optimize mutual learning.

Acton, Massachusetts, United States of America
London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland