3 Products, 30 teams, One Opportunity - LeSS adoption as a team sport in Deutsche Bank

Believing that a LeSS Huge adoption is the responsibility or is achieveable by a single person is an anti-pattern. Large scale organisational change takes a team focussed on a high value goal with a dogged determination to challenge, support and encourage each other in pursuit of it.

In LeSS it is recommended there is no change group, change manager or change initiative which flies in the face of common organisational understanding. The antidote to this, continuous improvement via team work. That is all well and good, but how exactly do we embed the right behaviours and principles without a "change team" or "change group"? How do we stop well meaning "enthusiastic amateurs" with behaviours that hinder self-managing teams?

This talk focuses on our ongoing journey at Deutche Bank, the successes we have had, those we are working on and those yet to come.


Sevilla, Spain
London, United Kingdom
Sheev Ltd