How to facilitate remote PBRs effectively?

Discuss and share experience whether and how successful Product Backlog Refinements can be done remotely

What we gathered:


  • Collaboration technology from CISCO works very well but is highly expensive (e.g.
  • Mirrorboard for realtime visual collaboration (
  • Gamification e.g. "Wheel decides" for User Story Splitting (Self-made or
  • Identify relevant stakeholders before PBR using
  • Use a fixed webcam filming the physical board on a steady basis
  • Invite a team representative to the PBR being physically present while her team mates are remote


  • If a single team is remote, everybody is remote!
  • Let a team (member) paraphrase what another team (member) said to emphasize common understanding!
  • Insert very short intermediate "Mini-Retrospectives" giving a chance to adapt even during a PBR!
  • It's hard to do PBRs remotely without knowing the remote teams in reality!


Thank you all for attending even during conference prime time ;) and sharing your experiences

Best. Michael

Edit: Supplementing this I just found some more interesting stuff at


Munich, Germany