Transforming a Project Manager to LeSS Scrum Master. Is it even possible?

Your LeSS adoption will fail…

...if your newly appointed Scrum Masters are not prepared for the job. This key insight from a LeSS Huge adoption is based on the personal experience stories of the presenters.

We will guide you through common cognitive biases, habits and limiting beliefs that will prevent you from a successful LeSS adoption. We will also postulate a LeSS Scrum Master Adoption Map, which shows a path of mastery for every LeSS Scrum Master.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn why developing internal LeSS Scrum Masters is a key success factor for your LeSS adoption
  • Learn how cognitive biases and negative habits affect the development of a LeSS Scrum Master and how to overcome them
  • Learn about the LeSS Scrum Master Adoption Map


Munich, Germania