All organizations are rational – until you put people in

Ex-manager Magnus Vestin gives a talk on how sub-conscious human behavior might hinder your agile journey.


I have some twenty-five years in the industry and more than six years as a manager.

In that manager-perspective, I have experienced and explored when the promise of agile comes to life, and when it does not.

In my search for root-causes, I have found answers in sources such as the LeSS management model, Robert M. Sapolsky’s book Behave, Mike Rother and Toyota Katas, and Susan Wheelan on building teams to name a few. This talk will focus on the sub-conscious and automated behaviors we all have. Cover what the brain does under stress, how we arrange in us/them groups, and how hierarchy is inevitable.
I will share what I’ve learned so far and hope to connect the dots from theories and science into action and experiments you can try.

Ultimately, I hope to provide you with some pieces to the agile puzzle you and your teams are trying to do! 

Magnus VestinAgile Coach, Scrum Master
Skellefteå, Швеция