LeSS to scale Unicorns - experiences from Revolut and Uncapped

Revolut is know for it's fast product development. I learned the way they work while leading Revolut Business. We did not "use LeSS". But for sure we used many practices that LeSS advocates for. When I joined Uncapped as Chief Product Officer I had a chance to build organisational structure, culture and ways of working from scratch. I summarised in this article early days of this journey: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/million-dollar-question-how-do-you-scale-business-vaidas-adomauskas/. In the talk I will share more details of the lessons learned, LeSS practices we used (without calling them LeSS) and why everyone willing to build a Unicorn should learn LeSS as early as possible.

Vaidas AdomauskasChief Product Officer at Uncapped
London, United Kingdom