Discover the amazing organizations that support our mission by sponsoring LeSS, showcasing their commitment to agile principles and the growth of our community. Interested in becoming a sponsor? More information is available below the list of sponsors

Silver Sponsors


Our 9th annual global conference will be held in Madrid, Spain. (September 26-27, 2024) The LeSS conference is a unique experience: purposely intimate with a maximum of 150 places, everyone joins teams from the start, ensuring that renowned experts and newbies sit alongside each other and are able to share their experiences throughout 2 days packed with talks, networking and learning.

Delve into our detailed LeSS 2024 Conference Sponsorship PDF to explore various sponsorship packages tailored for impactful visibility and engagement at one of the most influential Agile events of the year. This comprehensive guide offers insights into the conference audience, themes, and unique benefits of partnering with us. 

We have 4 levels of sponsorship - Seed, Plant, Tree and Orchard. Here is the overview of what is included:

Why become a sponsor of the LeSS conference

  • Increased brand exposure: Sponsorship of a conference can increase a company’s brand awareness and exposure to a large audience.
  • Networking opportunities: Sponsoring a conference provides networking opportunities that can help a company develop relationships with potential customers, suppliers, and partners.
  • Thought leadership: Sponsorship can establish a company as a thought leader in their industry by providing opportunities to participate in panel discussions, speak on industry-specific topics, or present case studies.
  • Lead generation: A conference sponsorship can help generate leads and increase sales by putting a company in front of a large, targeted audience.
  • Product launch: Sponsoring a conference provides a platform for companies to launch new products or services to a receptive audience.
  • Recruiting: A conference sponsorship can help a company recruit new talent by showcasing its culture and values to potential employees.
  • Community involvement: Sponsorship of a conference can demonstrate a company’s commitment to the industry and the community it serves.


  Download the PDF.