Call for Proposals

LeSS conference 2024 in Madrid is now CLOSED for submitting talks. Thank you to everyone who has submitted, we will get back to each of you over the coming weeks.

Please complete the form to submit your talk/workshop/game proposal for the 2024 LeSS conference in Madrid, Spain. The conference will be held physically, so we are not accepting virtual talk submissions.

Here are some insights about our selection criteria:

  • We prefer talks, workshops and games from non-CLT (Certified LeSS Trainer)’s over the ones from CLT’s (CLT’s can use Open Space to shine)
  • We prefer showing real life examples (with pics, boards, videos…) versus purely theoretical slide decks.
  • We prefer unique talks or workshops versus widely known or repeated talks by the usual suspects.
  • We welcome LeSS ‘adjacent’ submissions; if what you want to present builds and uses the concepts of LeSS and/or compliments LeSS, but isn’t a textbook LeSS adoption, we are still interested.
  • We aim for for the conference to be inclusive; to showcase a diverse array of topics,  stories from different industries, and to hear from people with different perspectives.

If you are unsure if your proposal meets these guidelines, or are seeking guidance generally around your submission, please don’t hesitate to email

Please note the following important information

Timeline: Deadline for submissions is Sunday the 31st March 2024.  During April, the submissions will be screened and potentially the submission team will contact you for further clarification. In all likelihood the team will ask for a short voice note from you where you give a brief overview of your idea.  At the beginning of May you can expect an answer whether your talk was accepted or declined. There will be only one round of submissions, but the organisers reserve the right to invite further submissions after this date in the case of unforeseen cancellations.

Ticket to the conference:  There is no limit to the number of people who can be involved in the presentation but only a maximum of 2 free entrance tickets will be issued to the presenters.  The organising team will issue your ticket after your talk has been accepted.

Compensation of travel costs: The LeSS Company offers the possibility for a maximum of one person (the main speaker) to get their travel costs reimbursed. That includes flights in economy class, hotel, ground transportation.