Nokia-Your Second LeSS Huge Adoption Won't be Any Easier

Case study of 2 LeSS adoptions in Nokia.

Your company has successfully adopted Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) for one product. Results are promising and you want to have more products adopting LeSS. You might think it will be easy for the second product – you just cherry-pick some key contributors from the first product and ask them to do the job. They just have to copy-paste the practices of first product to the second one. Wrong! Our experience tells copy-pasting practices does not work and transforming the second product might become harder than transforming the first one.

This session will be about two LeSS Huge adoptions in Nokia. Janne and Jacek will share experiences of factors which help to bring your transformation forward and of those which are likely to keep you stuck.

Oulu, Finland
Wroclaw, Poland