Is organisational culture a product of the organisational system?

It has been said that an organisations culture is a product of its structure or as Craig Larman articulates in his fifth law of organisational behaviour "Culture follows Structure" but is this true?

Lets use systems modelling to create some useful models and a shared understanding.

This workshop will have you working in small teams to explore (by creating Systems Models) the links between between organisational structure and culture using an initial set of variables that I have been refining over the last 10 months. Once these variables have been used then as a group we will think of and add a few more that you feel are relevant.

The outcomes for the session are:

  • To create a new perspective of the role of organisational structure and complexity and its effect on culture
  • To leave parcitivpants with an answer to the question "Is organisational culture a product of the system"
  • To provide participants with ideas as to how they can effect their own organisational culture or at least what drives them.

Duration: 60 minutes

No of people: 30 (max)

London, United Kingdom