Scrum Master Collaboration in a LeSS Adoption

Are you wondering how you can collaborate with other Scrum Masters, and improve your collaboration, or re-invent it? In this talk we will compare theory and practice, and see, where the biggest pitfalls are for multiple Scrum Master to foster and facilitate a consistent understanding. 

This talk is presented by Elisabeth Richter - CLP and Scrum Master at CAMPUSonline, a subsidiary of Technical University Graz - and Dr. Wolfgang Richter - CLT and Agile Coach at JIPP.IT. They will show you how theory and practice can come together, or not?

Attendees will hear what to pay attention to when collaborating as Scrum Masters from a real world example. They take away ideas how to improve Scrum Master collaboration and what better should be avoided in (de-)scaling environments, especially during adoptions. Additionally ideas how work and focus on global optimization for the whole development group are presented.

Maybe in contrast to that, the rules and principles documented in LeSS will be highlighted. We will build the connex to them by provoking some perfection visions. Lets see, if we are too enthusiastic?

Afterwards the audience is able to understand presented experiments and guides and begin with them in their on environments.

Elisabeth Richter currently is internal Scrum Coach at CAMPUSonline, the software development group of Technical University Graz. One of her passions to think outside the box to create creative solutions as well as sound reasoning to help through change and adoption. Her first contact with agile methodology was in 2003 as a software developer. Since then she deepened her knowledge and experience with Scrum and other agile methodologies through both academic studies and hands-on experience as Scrum Master, Change Agent and Agile Coach.

Dr. Wolfgang Richter is a Certified LeSS Trainer, Agile enthusiast since 1998, entrepreneur, innovator, coach, and trainer as passion. Enabler of LeSS, Product Owner, ScrumMaster, and agile coach for individuals, teams, and enterprises in more than 100 endeavours on 3 continents, with projects up to 800 people, volumes up to 1,2 Billion US$, and organizations up to 16.000 employees. And still agile ;)

Graz, Austria
Gleisdorf, Austria