Seeing system patterns in LeSS coaching

Today’s solution becomes tomorrow’s problem; here’s solution becomes there’s problem. LeSS coaches face challenges from complex systems and topics, while seeing system patterns (aka system archetypes) helps greatly in finding the leverages thus increasing the coaching effectiveness.

In this talk, we shall see how those patterns such as “limits to growth”, “fixes that backfire”, “shifting the burden” are playing their roles in common organizational topics. We shall explore the most essential LeSS topics such as stopping contract game, PO on prioritization & team on clarification, feature team structure, self-organizing for cross-team coordination, manager as coach.

Give you a glimpse. Business pushing R&D while R&D sacrificing quality creates “fixes that backfire”. PO solely responsible for requirement clarification creates “limits to growth”. Component team and feature group structure aiming for resource utilization creates “fixes that backfire”. Relying on coordination roles for dependency management while not realizing the potential of self-organization is “shifting the burden”. Management addicting to command & control while not focusing on building capability is “shifting the burden” too.

Hangzhou, China