How technical excellence helps in LeSS adoption

In this talk I will highlight which technical skills and engineering practices have the strongest influence in a LeSS adoption.

My speech will contain many live examples with struggles, resistance, wrong decisions and show how consistent engineering practices adoption helps to resolve obstacles and convince people.

Dodo Pizza is the biggest pizzeria's network in Russia opened in 10+ countries, including USA, GB and China. Our business is based on the internal software product DodoIS, we have 30+ developers in 6 teams.

Last year we started evolutionary LeSS adoption. I'll explain why I refused flip from the start and why we have flipped eventually :)

Being experienced eXP coach, I helped the teams to raise technical excellence. 

Our team is famous for strong adherence to eXP practices. We practice pair programming, unit testing, TDD, CI etc. We train other teams on engineering practices.

For instance, I may provide examples how pair work helps to build trust inside the team as well as between the team and business. We could talk how we experimented with people hiring and adoption. We can show how collective code ownership leads to better design.

Learning objectives:

  • Know which engineering practices help with LeSS adoption
  • Learn how to build a feature team from scratch
  • Which engineering practices to start with
  • Learn experience of evolutionary LeSS adoption attempt
Бевзюк АнтонHead of SM @ Raiffeisenbank
Moscow, Russian Federation