LeSS Adoption

In this session you will explore my ‘LeSS Adoption’ snippet of my CLP course.

We will do Systems Thinking by modeling a Causal Loop Diagram (CLD) to discuss the requirements a scaling framework should fulfill to create ownership. We will discuss the three LeSS Adoption principles, how to start an LeSS Adoption and what you should think about even before you start. Since many of the participants in my CLP courses are interested in examples, I will share success stories and failures of LeSS Adoptions across industries e.g. telecommunication, automotive, insurance and some others. Following topics will be covered:

  • Owning vs. Renting (CLD)
  • The three LeSS Adoption principles
  • Resistance to change
  • Before you start
  • Getting started
  • Success & failure stories e.g. self-designing team workshop
  • Q&A
Haar, Germany
Valtech GmbH