LeSS Adoption in MTS Kassa

MTS Kassa is the first russian company that implemented LeSS. "All the mistakes are now waiting for you" - they warned us and that turned to be true. We want tell you the war stories and share lots of our Try... and Avoid... experiments. The talk will be focused also on some epic fails, and what we have learned from them.


LeSS Adoption in product development was part of the wider organisational transformation initiative supported by enterprise Scrum. Moving from functional silos and component teams and lots of coordination roles to flat customer-centric structure and finally flipping. LeSS product group grew from 3 to 7 Feature Teams in just a several months and now waiting for adding 3 more Teams. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Flipping organizational structure
  • Forming Teams and HitMap
  • Technical Debt and adding Teams
  • DoD and organizational agility
  • Communities
  • Visual management
  • Overal and Multi-Team PBRs
  • Scaling Product Owner
  • Try... experiments
  • Avoid...experiments
  • Never...experiments
ILLIA PavlichenkoOrganizational design consultant
Kolomna, Russian Federation
Sergei MuzykantovPO MTS.Kassa (LiteBox)
Moscow, Russian Federation