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Helping Teams Collaborate Effectively, Faster.

Many agile transformations and agile-lean adoption efforts flatline: teams fall into mindless habitual routines, and unfortunately individuals, teams and organizations do not reap the benefits of Agility.  Often Agile practitioners and leaders focus on process, tooling and coaching behaviors, resulting in modest and temporary team/organizational performance improvements.

Over 25 years of Harvard based research and practitioner application has proven that six conditions, that are quantifiably measurable, can predict 80% of a team’s effectiveness (aka high performing teams). 

If Leaders and Transformation Practitioners start with creating the conditions necessary for teams to effectively collaborate, the organization will achieve operational excellence and improve the outcomes of an Agile Transformation.

Operational Excellence is defined as a team(s) being able to achieve a consistent state of:

1. The team(s) output is meeting or exceeding the standards of quantity, quality and timeliness of all stakeholders and end users. Team commitments are predictable, consistent, and reliable.

2. The collective experience is consistently positive towards the well-being and growth of the individual team members.

3. The team(s) becomes an increasingly capable performing unit over time. (The effectiveness of the team is generative and continuously evolving.)

Join me during this talk as we learn and explore what the six conditions are, how they influence the effectiveness of teams and teaming (aka high performing teams).   In addition, together we will explore various agile methods/events/models that can be the conduit to creating and sustaining these conditions.

Attendees will have a chance to collectively work on a couple of exercises that will give you an opportunity to reflect on how you can integrate the framework into professional work.

About Me: I have 15 years of leading organizations and teams, in moving towards improved collaboration and operational excellence. As a process agnostic agilest, I coach teams to collaborate brilliantly, to deliver on stakeholder expectations, by design. As an ORSC & ICF Certified Systemic Team Coach, I leverage a systemic lens, guiding teams at all levels to adopt new ways of working to achieve individual and collective goals. My methods balance output with outcomes, is people centric and complexity conscious.

Most change initiatives focus solely on process and tools; I improve on this by integrating team design, bring clarity to team purpose, and coach leaders to step into creative leadership.

My consulting and coaching is that of humble inquiry with advocacy, engaging with: 
HUMILITY: I don’t have all the answers, I remind myself to take a world view, since we are our perspective. Breakthrough solutions requiring all perspectives to emerge. FAITH: Individuals and systems are inherently creative and intelligent; I believe in the collective team and do so with the deep belief that they will succeed. CARE: Having a desire and being intrinsically motivated to do what is good for the other person(s) while giving voice to those that are not represented in the moment.

URL: https://www.elegantagile.net



Serge MartenAgile Consultant & Certified Team Coach
San Francisco, California, United States