The epidemic of individualistic work - how digital tools, offices and organizations are doing everything so that you work less as a team?

Covid has in fact increased the transparency of what we have known for a long time. Digital tools have never supported teamwork. They've never been designed that way. I'll say more - even their billing model doesn't assume teams as users. Task must be assigned to a single individual. We pay per head. Just as there has always been a problem with large office spaces, now the problem is even bigger because remote and hybrid working have reduced office spaces. Open spaces were supposed to eliminate silos just as DevOps was supposed to eliminate problems between Dev and Ops. The conditions for true teamwork have degraded even further. Why is it easier for me to get on a call from my computer than from a conference room? It's called the *conference* room! "Teams" in the traditional part of the organization only know factory and individualistic work and needs specific individuals to contact (aka SPOC). They cannot accept that a whole team can be responsible for something. This gives them an easy excuse to say how chaotic the flat structure is because "if everyone is responsible then no one is responsible". With this talk I would like to show how deeply rooted individualistic work is in the system in which we try to introduce self-management and how many things in the context of work do not assume teamwork or are in contradiction with the tool monetization model.

Warsaw, Poland