What does a Scrum Master do according to job ads?

When I browse job postings for Scrum Master or Agile Coach, I often learn about new interesting responsibilities. Often these job offer requirements contradict each other. E.g. the SM is supposed to support "building the team's self-management capabilities" and at the same time the SM has to lead all Scrum events and relieve the team of many team responsibilities so they can focus on their work. Often the only thing these organizations have in common with Scrum is that they have the same named meetings as the events are named in Scrum. With this talk I would like to show how the responsibilities of a Scrum Master are perceived and understood by the market and organizations that are looking for SMs. How this understanding still leaves much to be desired. How often it is just a camouflaged role of a team coordinator and babysitter which has nothing to do with the original concept.


Warsaw, Poland