How much adaptivity is enough?

As per the website, LeSS “is an organizational system for product development aimed at maximizing an organization’s adaptiveness”.

Maximizing adaptiveness was the goal PandaDoc pursued while applying LeSS and, later, LeSS Huge as an Organizational Design framework. As we became more adaptive, we started questioning ourselves: “How much adaptivity is enough? Do we need more, or can we go with less?”. Starting in late November 2022, we’ve approached this question as an experiment.

Join Elena and Denis in their talk to learn more about this experiment and its interim results in two Requirement Areas of 21 teams. Get ready to hear our findings and get some ideas & inspiration for your company!

Denis SalnikovScrum Master
Krakow, Poland
Alena HlekavaHead of Agile Practices
Krakow, Poland