The Chicago Bulls in Tech

When I joined Klarna back in 2020 I had no idea I’d be a part of the highest performing team I’d seen, my Chicago Bulls. Our team was full of high performers, we had great team spirit, high levels of trust and we were shipping high quality products continuously. We also had some of the highest team retention in the company and we had mostly reached those results through not only great collaboration, communication and discipline, but also through overcoming major challenges together.

In this talk, I will explore the parallels between the team dynamics of the Chicago Bulls and tech teams, and how we can use those insights to build high-performing teams. Drawing from my experience at Klarna, I will share actionable strategies for:

- finding and balancing the right people in the team

- setting up the right team culture, and

- bridging the gap between the team and the business.

Attendees will leave with a practical framework for building their own Chicago Bulls-style team that has a higher performance, retention, and overall team success.

Berlin, Germany